Planning for the Lower Hunter
Planning for the lower Hunter
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Monitoring and evaluation

Evaluation is an important part of the planning cycle for the Lower Hunter Water Plan, so we can monitor progress on implementation, assess how measures in the plan are performing, and adapt to new information or opportunities.

To read a summary  of our 2016 major evaluation and to see how our work has been progressing since the release of the plan click here. 

A structured monitoring and evaluation process ensures the Lower Hunter Water Plan can adapt to changing circumstances and meet the ongoing needs of the lower Hunter community, providing water security during drought and reliable water supplies for business and population growth. Monitoring and evaluation are essential tools for implementing and continuously improving the Lower Hunter Water Plan. This involves collaborating with key stakeholders in collecting information, using existing monitoring systems where suitable. Through this process, the best available information will be used to assess if the plan is meeting its objectives and to make timely decisions on how best to adapt the plan to incorporate the latest knowledge, experience and technology in a process of continuous improvement.

Monitoring and evaluating the Lower Hunter Water Plan involves assessing:

  • the plan’s effectiveness and efficiency in delivering on its objectives
  • whether actions identified in the plan have been implemented in a timely manner
  • key assumptions underpinning the plan, including factors considered in sensitivity analyses on demand forecasts and supply modelling
  • the actual supply and demand balance compared with the plan’s forecasts
  • how the measures in the plan perform if a drought is experienced in the region, including whether the measures deliver the expected water savings and/or supply
  • whether the measures in the plan continue to be appropriate and relevant in view of potential changes in the supply-demand balance or regulatory regime, advances in technology, and other developments.
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