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Independent Water Advisory Panel

The NSW Government established the Independent Water Advisory Panel to provide independent strategic and technical advice on urban water planning for the lower Hunter and greater Sydney regions.

The Panel comprises experts in urban water planning, water resource management, hydrology and water systems planning, the economics of urban water systems, community engagement and social research, environmental and natural resource management. 

The Panel members are: 

  • Mr Chris Davis (Chair) – extensive experience in water management and National Water Commissioner. 
  • Prof. George Kuczera (Member) – leading expertise in hydrology and water engineering. 
  • Dr WEJ Paradice (Member) – extensive background in natural resource management and river health. 
  • Mr Ross Chapman (Member) – extensive experience in water resource economics. 
  • Prof. Cynthia Mitchell (Member) – broad experience in water planning and decentralised water systems. 
  • Dr Tony Church (Member) – strong background in environmental flows and water quality. 

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The Lower Hunter Water Plan and the Metropolitan Water Plan for greater Sydney set out the combinations of water supply, demand management and drought readiness measures that secure water supply for each region now and for the future.

The Independent Water Advisory Panel provides advice on development of the water plans and advises the Minister on water planning matters relevant to each region.

Interview with Mr Chris Davis, Chair, IWAP (Part 1)

Interview with Mr Chris Davis, Chair, IWAP (Part 2)