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Video case studies - stormwater re-use projects

Take a look at the videos to see examples of stormwater re-use project in action. 


At Bronte Park, Waverley Council has implemented a stormwater re-use scheme that is in operation. Stormwater is being collected, stored, treated and then re-used at Bronte to irrigate the parklands, for toilet flushing, pool cleaning of the ocean pool and for cleaning public places.

Part one examines why stormwater was chosen as a water supply option at Bronte, where stormwater comes from, and the treatment process.

Part two looks at the challenges of designing a stormwater re-use system in an urban environment, ongoing maintenance, and the results and benefits of the project to the Bronte community.

The project was funded in a partnership between the NSW State Government (The Climate Change Fund) and Local Government (Waverley Council).

Centennial Park

Centennial Parklands form the base of a natural catchment for runoff from the surrounding urban area, so re-using stormwater makes good sense. A series of large ponds in the Parklands are linked to each other and the surrounding urban area by channels and pipes. Take a look at how the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust are implementing sustainable water management practices.

Part one shows why the stormwater re-use scheme was built, the infrastructure challenges, how water quality is improved and the other benefits of the scheme.

Part two gives an historical snapshot of the Centennial Parklands, shows the maintenance challenges, as well as the range of water efficiency, stormwater recycling and educational initiatives that have been implemented.

The project was supported with almost $140,000 from the NSW State Government (The Climate Change Fund).   Find out more about how Centennial Parklands is managing stormwater.

King's School

The Council of The King’s School is Australia’s oldest independent school, located in North Parramatta on a property of three hundred acres. The school has constructed a stormwater re-use scheme which took approximately three years to build. The scheme takes stormwater off Pennant Hills Road, into storage tanks, and then re-uses it to irrigate eighteen of the school’s sporting fields.

Watch the videos to learn how The King’s School has become water wise.

Part one looks at the need for a stormwater re-use scheme, how runoff is being captured, building of the infrastructure, resurfacing of the major playing fields, and financial challenges.

Part two features information on the drainage and irrigation system, using the scheme to teach the students about stormwater, and plans for the future.

The project was funded in a partnership between The Council of The King’s School, who contributed two-thirds of the funding, and the NSW State Government (The Climate Change Fund).