Planning for the Lower Hunter
Planning for the lower Hunter
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Demand management

Water Wise Rules were introduced in the lower Hunter in July 2014. By following these simple rules, every household can contribute to saving water all year round.  If a drought occurs, water restrictions will further reduce water use so our water supplies last longer.

Ensuring a secure supply of water relies on balancing water supply and customer demand into the future. With every new measure that reduces customer demand, more water remains in our storages, helping to defer the need for major investment in new infrastructure on the supply side.

‘Water Wise Rules’ are common-sense actions that help conserve water every day, and were introduced by many utilities after the millennium drought. Water Wise Rules for the lower Hunter include:

  • all hand-held hoses must have a trigger nozzle
  • watering with a sprinkler, irrigation system or trigger nozzle hose is permitted any day before 10am and after 4pm, to avoid the heat of the day
  • no hosing of hard surfaces such as paths and driveways
  • all vehicles should be washed with a bucket, trigger nozzle or pressure cleaner.

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When a drought occurs, water restrictions will be applied as storage levels fall to reduce both household and business demand and keep as much water in the storages as possible.  Restrictions are a quick and effective response to drought. When in place, restrictions will be actively supported by education and awareness campaigns, and enforced through compliance activities.

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