Planning for the Lower Hunter
Planning for the lower Hunter
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Household rainwater tanks and stormwater harvesting initiatives allow all members of the community to play a part in water conservation.

Rainwater tanks and stormwater harvesting projects provide an opportunity to substitute alternative water sources of supply for uses that do not require drinking water quality. These reduce demand on drinking water supplies and are important elements of integrated water cycle management.

As a popular choice in meeting BASIX requirements, rainwater tanks will continue to reduce drinking water use in new developments. If the current trend continues, rainwater tanks are expected to save around 3.4 billion litres of water each year by 2043.

Councils and businesses may identify new opportunities to use stormwater as part of integrated water cycle management into the future.

While these are important initiatives for long-term sustainability, rainwater tanks and stormwater harvesting projects rely on rainfall so they are not able to provide as robust a response during a drought as some other measures included in the Lower Hunter Water Plan.

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