Water Planning for Sydney
Water planning for Sydney

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Groundwater readiness

Extracting groundwater could provide up to 30 billion litres of water per year for two to three years during severe drought.

In the event of severe drought, groundwater has an important role to play in the Government's approach to drought management and securing our water supply.

Groundwater is water which is found below ground level in saturated soil and rocks. These water–bearing zones are called aquifers and can provide large quantities of water.

In response to continuing drought conditions, when storage levels dropped below 40 per cent in November 2006, the NSW Government announced that the groundwater project would proceed to the formal planning, design and development stage.

Investigations are well advanced to obtain the best scientific data for groundwater development, with extensive community consultation taking place. 

For the latest update on progress or for more information visit the Sydney Catchment Authority website.