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Water Planning for Sydney
Water planning for Sydney

Water for people and water for the environment

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Caring for catchments

Improving and protecting the quality of water in the rivers both upstream and downstream of major water reservoirs is important both for drinking water supply and for maintaining and improving river health. 

A wide range of catchment protection actions have been implemented, and others are under way, both in the catchments supplying Sydney’s drinking water, and more broadly.

The Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA) has a key role in managing Sydney’s catchments to protect water quality. The SCA’s Healthy Catchments Strategy 2009–2012 sets out the following broad initiatives to protect catchment health and water quality:

  • increase adoption of water quality best management practices in rural land uses and activities 
  • minimise the impact of sewage and stormwater on Sydney’s drinking water catchments 
  • manage lands to contemporary standards to protect and optimise water quality, and to conserve the ecological integrity, and natural and cultural values of the area 
  • carry out statutory and regulatory operations including compliance and land use planning 
  • develop and maintain catchment partnerships that support collaborative and sustainable contributions to protect the catchments.

To find out more visit the website below or view Chapter 7 of the 2010 Metropolitan Water Plan (PDF)