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Professional development and resources for teachers and schools

There is an ongoing need to ensure that young people acquire a broad understanding of water sustainability and its implications for their own lives and the broader community.

This project partners with the Science Teachers' Association of NSW and the NSW Geography Teachers' Association of NSW to:

  •  develop appropriate water-related teaching and learning materials;
  •  develop a professional development package; and,
  • work with teachers from the greater Sydney region to utilise the resources.

The objective is to develop relevant water sustainability understandings, attitudes and behaviours in young people to equip them to play an informed and active role in conserving water for current and future needs.

This project will build on and extend other school programs to ensure that years 5 to 10 Science and Geography teachers have access to high quality teaching and learning resources on water sustainability, and are trained to effectively use them.

Project activities

Focused on Science and Geography for Years 5-10 in NSW, the Project involves the following activities:

  • Review of existing water education resources
  • Development of ready-to-use teaching and learning materials which include:
    • Resources and activities
    • Sequencing and scope based on the syllabus
    • Links to further educational materials
  •  Development of a professional development package
  • Training for teachers at the Science and Geography Annual Conferences 
  • Ongoing professional development via teachers networks and subsequent events
  • Hard-copy, CD and web-based resources


The focus for the Science Resources is the development of learning objects within problem solving learning environments in an electronic medium. These will provide opportunities for teachers and students to develop their own investigations or use currently available material within constructed contexts that assist students to increase higher thinking skills.

The learning objects/scenarios will focus on:

  • water cycle and issues associated with water conservation and contamination of catchment
  • water usage that is fit for drinking and savings achievable with water conservation in the home and community environment.


The focus for the Geography Resources is the development of learning objects and a map of water-related resources that will link with and build on the Schools Environmental Management Plan, extending the focus to the home and broader community.


Resources from this project includes publication of:

  • the learning objects/scenarios

  • a compendium of resources currently available that support science and geography teaching and learning in schools about water sustainability

  • a professional development package to train a group of teachers from the Sydney/Blue Mountains/Illawarra regions to: 
    • enable them implement the teaching resources within their own schools; and districts; as well as 
    • train other colleagues in the use of the materials

An interactive CD for the science resources can be requested from Water for Life either by phone on (02) 9372 8351 or by email. The geography resources are available on the Geography Teachers' Association of NSW website.

To find out more

For further information, please contact the STANSW and'/or GTANSW offices:

Project partner

This project is a partnership between the Science Teachers' Association of NSW, the Geography Teachers' Association of NSW and the Office of Water, with the support of the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change & Water, the NSW Department of Education & Training and the Office of the Board of Studies.

The Science Teachers’ Association of NSW (STANSW) is a non-profit professional teachers’ association run by science educators for science educators. STANSW has a well established reputation for developing and providing high quality professional learning events and resources to primary and secondary teachers across NSW. Its advice, input and resources are highly valued by education systems, corporate organizations and government and non-government organizations developing and delivering relevant curriculum resources to schools.

The Geography Teachers' Association of New South Wales (GTANSW) is an incorporated body which represents the interests of professional geography teachers. Its purpose is to provide a forum where teachers of geography and the wider community may exchange views. The activities of the Geography Teachers' Association include publishing and distributing materials related to the teaching of geography, promoting professional in-service education of geography teachers, making awards to geography students and teachers and encouraging research in geographical education.

This project has been funded by the NSW Government’s Climate Change Fund as part of the Water for Life Education Program.

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