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Water Planning for Sydney
Water planning for Sydney

Water for people and water for the environment

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Water efficiency

Thanks to the water wise efforts of homes and businesses in the greater Sydney region, we are using the same amount of water now as in the early 1970s - even with an extra 1.4 million people.

It's up to everyone - government, business and the community - to play their part.

Water Wise Rules were introduced in June 2009 after dam storage levels had remained steady at around 60 percent for 12 months and drought restrictions were lifted.

Since 1999, Sydney has reduced its annual demand for drinking water by about 100 billion litres a year through wise water use. This is a great effort.

The NSW Government's Climate Change Fund was established in July 2007 to help households, schools, business and government save water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Schools can get involved in saving water through a number of school related programs currently in place throughout Sydney. These programs help to educate students about the value of water and to encourage schools to adopt policies for long-term water efficiency.

A number of programs have been developed to support councils ensure their water use in as efficient as possible and to increase their water recycling and stormwater harvesting.

Sydney Water's Every Drop Counts Business Program has experts working with businesses to work out how to change equipment and practices to best save water and money.

Although only about four percent of greater Sydney’s total water use is by government facilities, it is vital that government leads by example. The NSW Government Sustainability Policy sets targets and strategies for government agencies to reduce their water use by 15 percent by 2011.

By improving water efficiency on farms, it is possible to reduce pressure on drinking water supplies, save money and improve river health.

The NSW Government has invested more than $400 million over four years to reduce leaks in Sydney's water pipe system. 

Reducing demand for water by households and business (145 billion litres a year by 2015) 

Sydney Water has produced information to help culturally and linguistically diverse communities play their part by using water more efficiently. To find out about water saving tips and programs, click on the links.