Water Planning for Sydney
Water planning for Sydney

Water for people and water for the environment

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Since 1999, Sydney has reduced its annual demand for drinking water by about 100 billion litres a year through wise water use. This is a great effort.

However, it is important that we continue to use water efficiently and by adopting Water Wise Rules and taking advantage of the great range of water efficiency programs listed below, you can help reduce the amount of water you use in your home and garden:

  • get a plumber to install a water efficient showerhead and fix your leaking taps from $196 as part of the WaterFix program*
  • visit Sydney Water's online Water Wise Home to find out more about the broad range of rebates and offers
  • install a water efficient showerhead which could save your household around $50 to $100 in water and energy costs every year*
  • fit a tap aerator to your taps to reduce the amount of water you use
  • get a greywater reuse system installed, which can replace drinking water for watering gardens and lawns
  • learn more about the use and maintenance of rainwater tanks from NSW Health
  • learn more about water efficient gardening with WaterRight Gardens
  • look for the water efficiency rating when buy new indoor or outdoor products.

*Conditions apply.

You can also get involved by educating others with a range of resources available in the Water Educators area. The Water for Life Education Program is also implementing a range of projects to engage householders in taking steps to save water, including projects with non-English speaking background communities.

If you would like more information, view Chapter 6 of the 2010 Metropolitan Water Plan (PDF).