Water Planning for Sydney
Water planning for Sydney

Water for people and water for the environment

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Schools can get involved in saving water through a number of school related programs currently in place throughout Sydney. These programs help to educate students about the value of water and to encourage schools to adopt policies for long-term water efficiency.

Sustainable Schools NSW

The Sustainable Schools NSW website is a portal supporting government and non-government schools across NSW, their partners and the community, in realising a positive environmental vision. It contains a range of resources and tools that can help your school.

Sydney Water Programs

Over 310 schools participated in the Every Drops Counts in Schools Program and the Rainwater Tanks in Schools Rebates Program (which have now ended), saving over 241 million litres of water each year. 

Sydney Water is also working closely with the NSW Department of Education and Training to review the overall framework for water education that will help develop future ‘water responsible’ citizens.

Sydney Water offers tours for secondary students, TAFE and university groups to its water filtration, sewage treatment and recycled water plants. Tours highlight the connection between home/school and our water supply and wastewater treatment systems. They also showcase the latest technology in supplying, treating and managing our water and wastewater, including recycling.

Sydney Water also offers an online education resource for students and teachers.

Sydney Catchment Authority experiences

The Sydney Catchment Authority also delivers educational experiences for students from pre-school to tertiary level, and visitors to Warragamba Dam. School programs are designed to help students meet curriculum outcomes of the NSW Board of Studies and provide an opportunity to explore water issues. These programs incorporate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to facilitate behaviour change.

To find out more about these programs visit the SCA website, or call 1300 722 468.

Water for Life resources

The Water for Life Education Program is working with the Geography and Science Teachers Associations to design targeted water education resources and engage teachers through professional development training. The Water for Life Education Program also has brought together a range of resources in our water educators area.

To find out more view Chapter 6 of the 2010 Metropolitan Water Plan (PDF).