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Water recycling projects

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Stormwater is used to water Lane Cove Golf Course
Liverpool Golf Club waters its course with recycled water.
Macquarie Universitys sports fields are watered by treated wastewater from local sewers.
Malabar Wastewater Treatment Plant uses very highly treated wastewater in its industrial processes.
Stormwater is collected from Pine Street in Manly and stored underground before being used to water parklands.
Mosman Council waters local parks and sports fields with stormwater.
The North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant uses treated wastewater in its industrial processes.
North Ryde Golf Club uses treated wastewater from local sewers to water its course.
North Sydney Council collects stormwater from Warringah Expressway and after treatment uses it to water local parks and a golf course.
Orica uses treated wastewater from its Spent Acid Regeneration Plant in its industrial processes.