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Water recycling projects

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Shellharbour Treatment Plant captures treats and uses wastewater for nondrinking purposes in its daily operations.
So Good Natural Foods recycles water that has been used for cleaning.
City of Sydney Council waters Solander Park with treated stormwater.
Solvay Interox uses treated groundwater in its industrial processes.
Treated water from the Cronulla Woolooware Wastewater Reuse Scheme is used to water sports fields commercial gardens and a golf course.
The Brooklyn Wastewater Treatment Plant uses recycled water in all its daily operations.
Sydney Entertainment Centre waters local gardens with rainwater collected from its roof.
Centennial Coal uses treated minewater at its Tahmoor Colliery.
Visy Paper Mill uses treated water in its paper making processes.
Warringah Aquatic Centre uses rainwater to clean the filters in its swimming pool.