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Other NSW guidelines

Relevant NSW guidelines on water recycling.

Relevant NSW guidelines on water recycling include:

The Environmental Guidelines: Use of Effluent by Irrigation (DECC 2004) produced by the former Department of Environment and Conservation, now the Office of Environment and Heritage, have been adopted in NSW for the use of effluent for irrigation in non-domestic applications.

The document covers the broad framework, principles, objectives and best management practices that should be considered when establishing an irrigation system that uses effluent. This information can be used in the design and operation of effluent irrigation systems and can also be relevant and useful for meeting environmental requirements under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and in negotiations for premises-specific environment protection licences.

This document is part of a series of publications from the former NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW), now the Office of Environment and Heritage, under the managing urban stormwater theme which provide guidance on different aspects of managing stormwater in the urban environment.

The main aim of this guideline is to provide guidance on considerations for future stormwater harvesting and reuse projects, based on experience gained from early stormwater harvesting projects.  

These guidelines have been developed to help local councils assess, regulate and manage the selection, design, installation, operation and maintenance of single household on-site sewage management systems. The guidelines may also be useful to householders, developers and others.

These guidelines address the environmental and public health performance requirements of on-site systems (including the on-site component of partial on-site systems). They also provide administrative and technical guidance on the steps that should be taken to ensure that on-site systems comply with these requirements in the long term.

The guidelines provide advice on: planning; site evaluation; system selection; system operation and maintenance; and ongoing system management, for on-site systems treating up to 2000 litres of wastewater a day.